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I am 17. I have had migraines for about 11 years. Just like every website says, I am sensitive to light and sound and smells and food. Which basically means almost anything can trigger a migraine, including stress. Of course, I have very high anxiety and stress levels. Just my luck, right? Well maybe I am crazy, but I also experience migraines almost everyday, all day. Sometimes they last weeks. I will fall asleep with a migraine and wake up with that same throbbing sensation, along with dizzy spells and heat flashes for eight days straight! I sometimes feel hopeless. More often than not. I sometimes wish they had found a tumor instead of nothing at all. I sometimes wish my migraines would kill me. Medication doesn’t seem to work, and I’ve probably tried it all. I’ve tried threrapy but apparently I’m just a regular teenager. I feel like drilling a hole in my temples would release some sort of pressure that nobody can even begin to imagine. Will they last my entire life?

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  • Katie M. Golden moderator
    3 years ago

    I’m so sorry Migraines have hit you so early in life. It’s hard to tell if they will last your whole life. But what you have to focus on is managing your Migraines. As of now, there is no cure. You have to find ways to cope with the horrible pain.

    What kind of doctor are you seeing? Hopefully a neurologist. There are also a group of neurologists who only see Migraine patients called Headache Specialists. Since you are so young, I suggest that you find one and get a second opinion. These doctors have the training and access to the newest developments in this field. Here’s more on Headache Specialists:

    Also, please join our Forums section. You’ll find others who are suffering like you and ask questions. Even though you feel like you’ve tried everything, there’s always something else to try!
    -Katie Moderator

  • Karen
    3 years ago

    Your story touched my heart, because it’s my story too, only I’m 20+ years older than you. You are NOT alone. I know how hard it is going to sleep and waking up with the same pain day after day, and the frustration of taking meds that don’t work. You are too young to have to live like this. You are in my prayers, and I hope you find some relief. If I could offer any advice, it would be this – Find something every day that makes you happy. It helps.

  • loopzooplankton
    3 years ago

    My story is almost exactly as yours, mine started around second grade and now I’m in my senior year and I’m so tired fighting them. Mine are also very frequent like yours and I just wanted to tell you that you’re definitely not alone in this fear of bigger and greater pains that might come ahead. Seeing stories of people getting them for 50+ years sounds terrifying and finding new doctors that will steal my money and give me nothing in return sounds very exhausting. So thank you for posting it makes me feel a little better that there is someone else like me here but also sad that there are still more people with this plague.

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