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Meds have stopped working

I had been diagnosed with migraines at age 16. I am now 30. The meds that worked for me was Inderal LA 80mg. Despite piling on the fat, it had given me longer days between migraines. Now it is discontinued and purblocker is not working on me.

The doctor would not consider other meds either. The migraines cant be stopped even if i take abortive meds early. Feel like i am stuck. I cannot work when one hits. And i have to go home.

This doesn’t look good and stresses me out more.

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  • karen rollins
    5 years ago

    44 years suffering. I will be 48 in 2 weeks. a man just cured my migraines, NO MEDS, NO SURGERY. he changed my bite. I have a temporary orthodic. should have had 3 episodes this week…. not even ONE inkling of pressure. I get them 5-7 days each month. or should I say DID… when it is time for the temp to be removed we will determine the best way to correct my bite and my life will be migraine free. all the meds I ever tried had the same symptoms of the migraine. light and sound sensitivity, confusion, nausea and vomiting, exhaustion. I’m getting my life back. this video link here is regarding how the jaw has sooo much influence on the body. this is what made me decide to try this treatment. Just go to and it appears on the home page….. it is in the top left corner and you can click on and watch it on utube too. a guy draws caricatures thru most of it. enjoy 🙂

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