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I started getting Migraine's when I was about 16 years old. I am now 29 and it seems like I get them more often the only thing that helps me is "Excedrin migraine".

It was taken out the stores for a while and I had to go to hospital for a shit during that time. Now that I am older i have seen that it is so hard for me to remember things, I always forget everything and sometimes I get very confused. All this started happening over the years mostly after I had a migraine and I had 2 cat scans and a few MRI's. I have seen a lot of time they come when I am working or thinking a lot mostly dealing with a bunch of things at once.

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I have since started working out but I think sitting in the sauna for 15 mins everyday help ever since I started doing that I have not had a migraine twice in 2 weeks. Try it everyone!!!

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