Menopause and migraine

(from a french woman)
I got migraine since I am a kid, didn't know it was migraine back then. It went, up and down during most of my life but became worst around 40 years old and worst worst with de pre menopause (45 years old)
Now that I am totally menopause (52 years old) it is horrible! It been 2 years of migraine , I can count on 1 hand my only day with clear sky (no migraine day).
Can't work anymore. I am on a surviving mode. Went to several migraine clinic, saw many doctors, neurologists.
Took different medication, even DHE injection, Botox etc.
I know that severals things Triggers my migraines but the hormones are the captain of that navire.
The specialists seems not to know what to do with the hormonal issues. Do you have any information about that. I am New to this Forum, to any Forums. Thank you.

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