I might lose my job because I have no control

It started around when I was 19, I had no idea what a migraine felt before. I still have no clue as to what triggers it. My doctor tried having me use a type of medicine that stomps it out before it gets worse, but that didn't work. Now I've tried a medicine that makes me really sleepy. The dose they gave me will make me feel like I need to sleep for 10 hours, so they gave me a pill splitter, but then it stopped helping me when I turned down the dose. I've got a cat scan of my head, but the doctors says they see nothing wrong.

Now I work for a manager that has no sympathy for my migraines and I suspect she's trying to find any excuse to fire me. I make sure that the establishment is clean and I initial every task she asks me to do, there has never been a time where I turned down to cover a shift for all of her own medical issues or even family related issues (I even covered a Saturday shift so she can clean her house). So far I've only asked 3 times within a year if I could stay home and apparently that's "out of control". Now she's been telling other employees lies like I'm breaking things or even stealing. :(

Today I asked the manager above her if I can stay out of work today to go to urgent care. Now I'm sitting here applying for other jobs because I can't imagine the backlash I'm going to get when I come into work tomorrow.

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