My migraine

I'm 18 years old and a senior in high school. I started noticing I had migraines around 8th grade or when I was 13. I see a neurologist frequently, and have seen many other doctors as well. I've had multiple MRIs, a spinal tap, eye testing, allergy testing, chiropractic work, cranial sacral therapy, acupuncture, as well as numerous preventative meds and ones to stop a bad migraine.

My doctor is running out of meds for me to try and I'm starting to lose hope. My migraine attacks are daily, or more like I have the same headache for weeks on end with no break. I haven't been able to leave my bed in a week and a half without feeling like I will pass out, vomit, or have my head explode. It's getting close to graduation, and it looks like I won't be walking with my class.

My migraines are controlling my life and I don't know what else I can possibly do to stop them. People say "oh you'll grow out of it soon enough" but it feels like I'm growing INTO them more than anything. Every year, every month, every week they get worse and worse. I always take my meds and have a regular sleep schedule and avoid caffeine at all costs, but they still get worse. I always feel like I'm letting my parents down when they have to call the school and say I'm staying home... Again.  All I want is to make them proud and do something with my life, but I can't do that when my head hurts so bad it makes me cry.

I hate it when people tell me I'm a wimp and that it probably doesn't even hurt that bad, or that I'm making it all up. I'm sick of living every single day with a migraine that makes me unable to be around light, sound, smells, unable to move my head or get up, unable to do anything at all.

I guess what I want from this site is to hear other peoples stories, and to know that I am not alone, and other people understand what I'm going through. I want to remember what it's like to have hope that one day I'll find the medicine or the little trick that will make me feel better again.

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