My Migraine and Me

I have grown up in a family of migraineurs, so ever since a child I've been waiting for my tun in the line. It started when I was a teenager, periods meant a banging headache that I used to describe as a near death experience in Emergency rooms. So was a lot of foods and other things.

Luckily for me, I made peace with my own monster at an early age. I made a diary of every migraine attack and listed possible triggers and high lighted those that were often there in nearly most of my attacks. I've remember having a one horrible, stroke-like migraine after breaking up from a relationship and listing my boyfriend's name as a trigger. I never talked to that guy again and sometimes just seeing him makes me go into an aura of nauseas and abdominal cramps.

Lately I found that working out is one of the best pain killers one could have for a migraine, that and drinking lots and lots of water. So every time I start seeing flashy spots in the corners of my eyes or getting nauseas I just hit the gym for half an hour, the rush of endorphins into your brain is better than a million medications, swear to God.

Although I follow a very strict healthy diet and pay attention to every detail in my life so I won't get trapped in pain for days and days, I do still get some headaches that are so bad as to make me count all the dead people I know and stand in the line with a pending death sentence over my aching head. As expected, no medications would help. I would just go into bed without eating or drinking and sink into darkness for days. This has not happened in a while, and I hope it doesn't anytime soon.

The best thing about being friends with your worst enemy is that it is not an enemy anymore, just a very unwelcome visitor that has the right into your life and that you'd better try to live with as long as it is there.

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