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My name is Adriana and I am currently 37 years old. I have suffered from migraines since age 20. I realized 1 fateful day that my so called intense headache lasting 3-4 days was not normal. It felt like someone had taken a 2 x 4 and then whacked me on the head with it leaving this horrible aching feeling that got more intense as the days went on.

I couldn't sleep, didn't feel like eating but when I did it was mostly crackers. As I tried to walk down to the nurse which seemed like an eternity away, they told me it was most likely a migraine and tylenol should help, they were wrong so I endured and suffered even longer. When I finally returned to my "normal" self. I knew there was something terribly wrong. But like a college kid, I ignored it.

So then I was taking Tylenol or Advil to try and dull the pain at any attack I had through the years. During vacation with my husband, the migraine got so bad that I made him find me a local pharmacy, I usually get a get over it, it is just a headache response.

So finally after convincing him that it was much more than that, he feels sorry for me. I purchased excedrin migraine which I thought well maybe this will work. To no avail, the pain just subsided to the back of my head to later attack again. I work in an extremely stressful call center and suffer from an attack almost everyday. I do feel tired and moody a lot and wonder is that the real me or is the migraine that may or may not trigger. I am a Christian so my prayer is to have my brain completely healed. Until then I just ride it out and now take Advil migraine, seems to work a lot faster.I have never been on a prescribed medications for migraines and I hope to not ever be, I refuse to be a guinea pig if you get my drift. But it helps to hear from others who suffer just like me and knowing that I am not alone.

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