Migraines for 5 yrs

Hi Migraine sufferers.

I have had migraines since age 22 but skipped a lot of years in the incidence of them. I was 52 when it began again. I have just found out that Peanut Butter triggers these. I am very upset since I eat it every day.

I am hoping it is not a trigger food for me. The migraines began again after the change... then they escalated to a horrible tempo.....did not know where I was, heard  voies, heard sounds, had popping in my ears, saw things, the whole thing happened to me...

The first migraine I had at 22 was the reason I went to a Psychiatrist, and was shortly diagnosed with bipolar.

So you can see why I am paranoid of each symptom, being afraid that the migraine and bipolar are interacting. I also have panic attacks, but these have subsided since taking seroquel..I take 75 mg a day. Just to let you guys know, there is hope, since the seroquel helps me, I am hoping it will help you. Migraines almost destroyed my marriage, and if he were not so sweet and ptient I am sure we would be going thru torture again, however our marriage is stronger than any ailment.

New and UPDATED Migraine Misery

I am about to go insane. I have not had a migraine with the popping in my head for about 3 or 4 months, Now I have a new problem, not sure if its migraine or bipolar related, every time i get up to do things, its like my mind is telling what the heck i am doing! I will maybe go to the sink, its like a play by play or something of all my actions, which if I were not bipolar or migraine bipolar I would even still wonder why its happening... Am I taking too much or too little of my meds....I take seroquel 75 mg lithium c 600, and synthroid, as well, I also take ibuprophen for the migraines as the hydroxyzine 25 made me miserable, gaining weight and feeling awful.

Its crazy I have to admit I always have been one of those denail people with regard to the bipolar but know I have it. Can any of this be realted to a good old fashioned migraine with aura, is one trying to overtake me but I won't go over the edge. I know MD is only one who can tell me, but unless I am acting really crazy I do not tell them, as they always up the meds. I can only take 600 mg of lithium and the seroquel I guess could be upped. I did notice this is not quite as bad today. I think its some sort of predecessor to mania and its why I am scard to tell anyone. Jeepers  If I begin laughing for no reason its always a sign to get to the Psych. I know I have to do it, and no one has to tell me anymore.

Please someone if you have had any kind of weird symptoms like this , write and tell me i am not going manic!

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