Migraines and COVID

Approximately a year ago I had an MRI done on the brain and they found white spots and white spots can be anything from Multiple Sclerosis to Parkinson's but they found in recent years that there is a connection between severe migraines and these white spots. A lot of the symptoms of a migraine and the prodrome symptoms believe it or not are also similar to the newer ones associated with COVID-19.

Infections and Immunity

This seems to all tie in with infections whether they be viral or of the migraine kind which nobody really knows what exactly that is I’ve had these for over 35 years and initially they were diagnosed as sinus headaches and over the years because I have really followed the science honestly there’s never been anything absolute and that’s, of course, the biggest problem for migraineurs

Migraine and COVID similarities

In the COVID you have symptoms of change in smell and taste the same with migraines in the COVID there are problems with balance feelings of pins and needles the same with migraines muscle pain neck pain obviously head pain-same.

I am not saying if you get migraines then you are more susceptible to COVID or that you have COVID I’m just pointing out that when it comes to diseases of the body where there is really no known factor and where it seems to have multiple symptoms as more is known about them it is the same just like I now have to deal with possibly MS or Parkinson’s etc. because of severe migraines. Frustrating to say the least.

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