My Migraine Story

My name is Sema and my Migraines started when I was 30 years old. They weren't too bad to start, but then they became progressively worse over a period of what seemed months. I went to my doctor who at first attributed it to stress. I did have stress from work, but it wasn't that bad! I have always had problems with my neck. I was always very athletic in my youth, involved in gymnastics, ballet, swimming, etc.

As it turns, the migraines were just the 1st of a long line of symptoms I have experienced until I received a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. It took 8-10 yrs for a definitive diagnosis, with the migraines getting worse, being told the headaches were actually just "in my head" and not getting proper medication for them.

I would go to the doctor in tears, and still not get any help! I was so frustrated and in so much pain! My husband at the time, took me to the hospital and there I at least received some medication for the migraine and got referred to a proper doctor for them and started a round of referrals thereafter.

I hope that no one else has to suffer what I have had to just to get the diagnosis and proper care that I did.

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