Spinning in place.

Vertigo, that is one of my symptoms, a real scary one. Before I got my migraines under control I was having constant vertigo.

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Weather Changes
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I would have attacks that would strike out of the blue while I was driving down the interstate at 60 miles an hour. Talk about scary. I was afraid I would have to quit my job since I could not drive. Then I found a neurologist who listen and told me that I was having migraines. This is after spending so much time and money on other Doctors.

My triggers, alcohol, ( I had just one glass of white wine this weekend and had a very bad spell.)

Weather changes, foods with MSG, and high in sodium. caffeine, citrus fruit, ( the last time I had a orange the vertigo was so bad my husband had to come and bring me home from work) Any type of processed meat.

What helps, mega doses of vitamen B2, eating regular meals, getting enough sleep.

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