A Teen's Migraine.

My name is Elavarasan , Im 16 years old and I've had migraine for over a year. I came to know my father has the same problem as well. That's when I came to know it is genetically affected. My symptoms are, an intense headache on my right side of my head with weakening of my eyes and nausea. I will be so irritated when I hear a slight noise or when I see a bright light ,It just makes my headache throb more. It usually takes a day or so to cure before I went to the doctor.

Now after my first set of simple medication ( Two tablets and a syrup) I am able to recover with a good sleep along with a tab called ' Vasograin '. I then started to check why I get the headaches often and as far as I've noticed , skipping my coffee break , Intake of food at unusual times , Stress , Mental frustration , change in atmosphere at times , depression ( I was depressed for a long time) , 'worryness' and others as well. I started to change these and now I am facing only a couple or three headaches a month.  When before I faced 3 headaches in a week. So I would suggest to find out the core reason on why you get it and change it day by day. I hope This has helped you out.

p.s : Still fighting migraine and trust me It just deteriorates me.

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