Migraine Aura Aphasia + Omeprazole?

I believe I noticed a correlation between omeprazole and chronic migraine aura.

Does anyone know of an association with migraines and omeprazole (prilosec)?

Here is my situation: For most of my life, I have had migraines of some sort. They have been preceded by severe aura, including visual disruption, aphasia, numbness of my hands or arms, etc., or have been aura only (usually visual/aphasia) or even headache only, with or without severe nausea. The only thing I never had much of was light sensitivity, though noise was always a big problem.

Now that I am 62, I am happy to say I rarely have any significant headaches, although a few times a year I have visual auras. I have been helped by magnesium supplements, a meditative technique that worked for me, and no doubt aging and being post-menopausal.

Recently, I was put on omeprazole (prilosec) for 3 months (long term) for intestinal problems. Coincidentally, I noticed I was having some issues with odd word confusion - like mixing up words strangely - saying "window" when I meant "mirror," or simply not being able to find a relatively-simple word. I thought perhaps I was going senile which was very scary.

But it felt in some ways similar to a mild version of the aphasia I used to have with aura. That is, I could understand perfectly, but the words would get all garbled, mixed up, or I couldn't think of them.

When I stopped the course of meds, the "confusion" cleared, within two days. It's been a couple of weeks, and I have noticed NO instances of these funny word mix-ups since I stopped, whereas during it would be several times a day.

Since magnesium deficiency can be a side-effect of omeprazole, and since I know magnesium always helped my migraines, I am wondering if there is a correlation.

I thought I should post this in case any one else has seen this sort of thing. I am SO THANKFUL that this feeling seems to have passed.

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