Migraine Monster Loves the Cycle of Torture

I have been suffering from migraines since 1996. I was pregnant with my middle daughter and I never had such pain in my life. I only had maybe 3 during the pregnancy but they were horrible. Before that I only ever suffered from sinus headaches. Having lived in Florida since the age of 10 yrs. I have become accustomed to all the pollen and changes in this state or so I thought.

2004 Hurricanes came ripping through the state of Florida. Charley was the worse, but there was actually 2 more that through has as well. After Charley we had Ivan then there was Jeanne. The thing is all three of these storms happened in a 6 week span. These storms have stirred up all kinds of isssues for me. I have had more issues with my migraines since these storms. I started having them on a monthly basis then on a weekly basis. I was trying to go to school and have a full time job at the same time. When I ended up on the side of the road for an hour throwing up trying to get to school because a migraine came on while driving I knew I couldn't continue with school. My school was an hour away and I knew I couldn't do it. My depression was getting worse. My job was also suffering. Working with public and having a migraine come on just doesn't work. I have actually had to run from a customer to keep from getting sick on her because of her perfume. Needless to say I no longer work because I can't keep from calling in due to these "headaches". I haven't been able to work since the storms of 2004. I have sleepless nights from the stress and drepression which leads to migraines which leads to stress in my family life. The cycle of torture is never ending at times.

I also have a horrible time with thunderstoms. I use to LOVE them. The flashing light, the rolls of thunder it is beautiful but now they are just torture. I live in Central Forida. We get horrible thunderstorms durring the summer and just about every day. I suffer all summer long with them. The drop in barometric pressure can drop me as well. The worse part is I can't escape them. I go through my meds faster during the summer and I have had more ER visits. I feel like I will forever be chasing Doctors for a quick fix because they will never find anything to cure my disease. I need help!! We all do!!!

I was in the ER once and I really think they were looking to see if I was drug seeking. They actually asked if I WANTED a prescription for pain meds or a shot? I told them "I didn't want pills! I just need something to get rid of this headache today!! I haven't slept in two days and I have kids and need to be a MOM!!" Pain pills don't even help migaines at least they never have for me. They made me sleepy but I was still in pain.

My main triggers seem to be pollen, storms, lack of sleep, stress, dehydration and hunger . When I have one of these triggers it usually leads to another trigger. It is a cycle of torture that can be hours if not days long. This is a My Migraine Monster Story.

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