Migraine- Epilepsy

I'm 60. I've had migraines with visual aura since I was 12. My paternal grand-mother had them till she was 90 (she died with 102) and one of my brothers suffers from the same problem. Sometimes we both have migraines in the same day. The worse period was when I was pregnant I had them more than once a month and as I was a teacher sometimes I had to interrupt classes to go home.

I found out that some kind of cheese and specially food with cooked cheese triggers these migraines  .So now I eat only cottage cheese made from cow milk. Nevertheless 20 years ago I had a short epileptic seizure just after the aura. It scared me a bit but I was not especially worried. Doctors paid no attention to it. Ten years later when I was 49 I had a different aura; it seemed that I was surrounded by cotton wool and the seizure was far more serious. I had to stay in hospital for 10 days. Since then I was prescribed Depakine (valproic acid) and no more seizures happened.

Migraines stopped for a long time but now I have them from time to time. The aura is still there but there is barely a pain. sometimes I don't even take paracetamol. I just sleep a little.

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