Migraine, Genetics, and Guilt.

I'm 34 years old and have had migraine since I was 5. I did go years during high school when my migraines would only happen once a year. Then in my 20's and 30's they kicked back up with tension headaches in between migraine episodes.

My son is 11 and was having a migraine or two a year (undiagnosed at the time) since he was 7. They presented themselves the exact same way mine did as a child; pain, light & sound sensitivity, nausea then vomitting then sleep. This would be over the course of a couple of hours.

This past week, he had a 4 day one that ended him up in the ER and diagnosed as having had a migraine. The hospital was out of pediatric migraine medication and after administering Reglan which exacerbated his pain to yelling and writhing, they gave him morphine. This knocked him out and he slept, when he woke his pain was drastically reduced. We were discharged and told to administer ibuprfofen 2 times a day and get into a neurologist asap. In my opinion, his migraine has not left him because it wasn't properly treated with the right medication. When the ibuprofen wears off, pain comes back, he seems to be rebounding.

The local neurologists have a strange procedure for referrals and it can be up to a month or so before he is seen by a doctor.

It's silly to say I feel guilty that he has these migraines, but a part of me does feel that way as a mother and a migraneur (his dad has them too). I just want him to get the help he needs now so I can start to teach him about managing and living with them.

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