My migraine History

I am 69 and have had migraines since I was a small child. Back then they were called "bilious attacks" and no medication. As the years passed I discovered medication. I now take Zomig when the aura starts and dont have headache or vomiting but still have the "hangover". As I am a carer for my 93 year old mother I cant be sick as she depends on me for everything. It is so hard caring for someone when you yourself are suffering. But we do it!!! After suffering weekly migraines for years I read up on triggers and realized I was eating too much yoghurt.

I stopped yoghurt and my migraines are now one a month. Here in Sydney we have had over a week of thunderstorms and I have just had a migraine where I had two consecutive auras. This has never happened before.I will discuss this with my doctor as I have always had a terrible fear that migraines will somehow affect my brain.

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