Migraine, I hate you!

Hello, fellow sufferers - I remember my first migraine - I was in the 6th grade and thought that I was dying - the next migraines happened in high school - when I look back now, I know that they happened around my menstrual cycle - after high school, they calmed down for a couple of years - after that, sweet mother, they hit with their full force and have been for the last 18 years - the first several years, I suffered through them not really knowing what they were - after I got married, I went to the doctor for other issues(fertility issues) and found out that I had been suffering from migraines - joy of joys!

The first doctor tried narcotics and other meds - they just knocked me out (sometimes for several days at a time) - that doctor finally referred me to a neurologist - thankfully - I truly believe and know, because I know my body (that sounds so strange, but true) that my migraines are truly related to my menstrual cycles - the neurologist has tried several meds before finally settling on what I am using now.

I am currently taking Topamax (75mg BID) and Neurontin (3 pills nightly - can't remember mg, I'm typing this away from home) - Topamax has made a huge improvement on my migraines! - I'm not real happy with the Neurontin - I feel like I'm going crazy - can't remember words, my patience is, well, let's just say that sometimes it's not good to be in my house and I cannot sleep (which is strange because apparently Neurontin is supposed to make you very sleepy) -

Anyway, that's my story - thanks for reading - I would appreciate any helpful advice or if you share a similar story, please let me know- thanks

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