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Migraine, I hate you!

Hello, fellow sufferers – I remember my first migraine – I was in the 6th grade and thought that I was dying – the next migraines happened in high school – when I look back now, I know that they happened around my menstrual cycle – after high school, they calmed down for a couple of years – after that, sweet mother, they hit with their full force and have been for the last 18 years – the first several years, I suffered through them not really knowing what they were – after I got married, I went to the doctor for other issues(fertility issues) and found out that I had been suffering from migraines – joy of joys!

The first doctor tried narcotics and other meds – they just knocked me out (sometimes for several days at a time) – that doctor finally referred me to a neurologist – thankfully – I truly believe and know, because I know my body (that sounds so strange, but true) that my migraines are truly related to my menstrual cycles – the neurologist has tried several meds before finally settling on what I am using now.

I am currently taking Topamax (75mg BID) and Neurontin (3 pills nightly – can’t remember mg, I’m typing this away from home) – Topamax has made a huge improvement on my migraines! – I’m not real happy with the Neurontin – I feel like I’m going crazy – can’t remember words, my patience is, well, let’s just say that sometimes it’s not good to be in my house and I cannot sleep (which is strange because apparently Neurontin is supposed to make you very sleepy) –

Anyway, that’s my story – thanks for reading – I would appreciate any helpful advice or if you share a similar story, please let me know- thanks

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  • kadease24
    6 years ago

    I am very happy to hear Topamax works for you, but unfortunately for me I am allergic to sulfa drugs, so when they tried me on Topamax 6 years ago I had a terrible reaction. You’re very blessed that they found out the cause of your migraines, and I can only hope and pray I get the same relief one day as well.

  • abbyowner author
    6 years ago

    kadease24 – I’m so sorry to hear that you are still suffering – yes, I am very blessed that my dr. found a med. that has helped my migraines and I pray that you too will find a dr. and a med that will help you – it is so frustrating and so life stopping when you suffer from migraines – I’m sorry that you have to go through this – please know that you are not alone in this fight!!! – we are out here and we will be praying – jen

  • AmyBabee
    6 years ago

    Hi Abbyowner, I also suffer menstrual migraines. I am happy to hear that Topamax works for you. I have yet to try it. Try to read most of the blogs/stories and Treatments on this site in the Community section…those bloggers are fantastic and they are ‘one of us’ too. My Dr. tried to use several contraceptives to stop my period, hence stopping the migraines; none worked. In fact the last one we tried was Depo-provera ( i started getting migraines daily). Now we have stopped. I’m actually not on anything right now except when it strikes and becomes unbearable I go to ‘rescue’ (Excedrin, Tylenol), which I’m also trying to stop due to medicine overuse headache. After reading some of the posts here on magnesium, I decided to give it a shot. I have used it for a month now, and am happy to say, as I type this, I have not had any pains today; have not taken any tylenol or excedrin either. It could be that not taking that shot of Depo-provera last wednesday is helping too or it could be the magnesium. I do not want to jump for joy just yet, but I feel giddy with joy, that for the first time in over 3 months, I did not wake up with a migraine, or any of its symptoms. I also slept very well; woke up alert and rested (what a joy!). I am not saying it will work for you but no harm in trial, same way I did. My Dr. says I will start having my period again in a year’s time but may be spotting before then. I am waiting to find out what happens next. Some people also take COQ10, B2, and Omega 3s. You decide what to do. I feel your pain.

  • abbyowner author
    6 years ago

    AmyBabee – thank you for taking the time to read my story and respond – I hate that you have to go through this – so happy that you have had a good morning – sometimes one day with no pain is enough to celebrate – to be very personal, my husband and I have been trying for numerous years to have a baby – unfortunately, no success – you know, I hadn’t even thought of trying to use a birth control to help with the menstrual migraines – my mind set, for so many years has been to get pregnant, but we are almost to the point that we believe we are not going to be blessed with our own pregnancy – with that being said…it might be time to look into some sort of birth control to help with the hormones – thank you for pointing this out – you know when you are so focused on one thing for so long, it’s hard to see past it – again, thank you and so happy for your good morning – may you have many more – hope I didn’t ramble too much, abbyowner

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