"Its like having a major trauma"

I began suffering with migraines about 8 years ago, out of the blue! I was at work one day and started to feel very strange, i remember thinking, oh god i need to lie down, i just felt terrible. It was a particularly stressful time of my life and I was under immense pressure at the time.

It took two days to go and I thought i had had some horrible bug, until it happenend again and again, eventually i spoke to a friend and she suggested I was having migraines, her sister suffered with them and my symptoms were very similar, infact I was so ill with one particular episode her sister gave me one of her pills and it really helped, so i knew then that it was indeed migraines.

Since then they have got progressivley worse and at times been very frequent, i find factors like stress in particular bring them on, but over the years more and more things trigger them. I have been hospitalised once and been unable to leave my bed many times, after they have cleared it sometimes takes days to feel normal, its like having a major trauma, often getting over one and another appears! I manage them better now and try really hard to avoid stress, although this isnt easy. I eat reularly and avoid caffeine and red wine, but sometimes a certain smell may trigger a migraine so you can never really get away from the threat of the next attack.

Deep Joy... Its comforting to read others stories just to know that other people will understand because so often in every day life people just dont get it - my mother typically says ' oh you have got another headache'; I wish!!!!

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