migraine is my life

I was 8 yrs. old when my migraines began. My mom said they were allergy headaches. I always knew mine were worse than everyone else's. I also had no friends that had headaches as severe as mine. The headaches lessened around my twenties and thirties but still had them. Now,years later they are almost unbearable. The hot and cold weather and sudden changes in humidity seems to signal an attack.

I have vomited for 3&4 hours at a time. Threw up my migraine meds and even blood from all the straining. My daughter has had to pick me up off the bathroom floor many times. I wish there was a cure. I have lost many days from work. I go to the doctor and ER and make the same circles over and over. Both my daughters got migraines when they were under ten years of age. This might be genetic.

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