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A Migraine Life

I suffered what my doctor said were sinus headaches when I was young, then the diagnosis changed to hormonal headaches at age 15. I wasn't diagnosed and treated for migraine until 1994 at age 39. It's been a roller coaster of medications and doctors .... general practitioners, neurologists and pain management specialists.

From 2002 to 2005 I was disabled and quit working as an accountant because of chronic migraine and depression. Our dog, Lucy, and I spent most of our days on the couch. I worked part time from '05 to '09, then quit because my mom was ill and needed my help .... she passed away Jan. 30, 2010. My grief prompted more severe and more frequent migraines, so I found myself back on the couch.

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I wear a pain patch, change every 48 hours, and take a list of other meds for blood pressure, depression, anxiety and of course, pain. I still suffer migraines almost every weekend. I am tired, so tired of focusing on pain and its ramifications. I have missed out on much of life and hesitate to make many plans.

Most family and friends do not understand, and many physicians fail to understand as well. I am truly blessed, however, to have a husband, daughter and son who do understand and do their best to empathize and care for me. Thank God for all who offer concern and caring.

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