The Migraine Mountain

I've suffered from migraines since my teens (I'm 45 tomorrow), and it seems like every day has been defined by this mind-blowing head pain. Migraines are like mountains-no matter what you do, you'll never move it! When I was younger, the severity of them would sometimes trigger a nose bleed. Other times my mom thought I had meningitis, because of stiff neck and sensitively to bright-or in fact, any-light, and I'd be drowsy and moaning.

Eventually I was diagnosed with migraines (the fibromyalgia diagnosis came only 12 years ago, but my doctor believes I'd had it for much longer). The migraines eased off during my pregnancies, but came back with a vengeance after the birth. Now, every day is like ground hog day where my noggin is concerned. All I can do is take immigran and hide behind a blindfold. The most hurtful comment I've had came from my own niece this week, with the snipe, "nothing new there then", after I explained my hanging up the phone on her boyfriend was because of my migraine. I think more education is needed in the community to promote better understanding of migraines, that it's more than 'just a headache'.

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