Rolling with Migraines

I had my first Migraine at 12 years's scared the heck out of me. I thought I was going to die. I didn't get my next one until I was fifteen and then shortly after that I turned 16 had another one and then had my first period the next day...between the head pain and then the new menstrual pain I was having I was starting to think my body was allergic to it's self. Back then treatment was not common and aspirin tore up my stomach for which I now know was also harboring IBS...

Weather Changes

Since my parents were doing there best to find a solution and I knew how much my pain concerned them, I was over-joyed when I realized one evening while hanging out with my friends that marijuana eased my pain. So I told them I had started smoking cigarettes and they relaxed me and made me feel better. So being the sweet old fashioned people they were, even though they didn't like me smoking, I was able to use that as an excuse to go and take a few hits between a Newport. When they saw I was feeling better, they didn't get on me so much about the cigarettes. Now I know everyone is not OK with that as an option, but over the last 37 years, I still haven't found anything better to ease my pain, soothe my stomach and help me relax than that.

Unfortunately, I now live in a state that does not allow medical use of hemp. So for several years, my doctor had me on Vicodin and also, Maxalt MLT for when one of my 2 dozen a month migraines occurred. I was just about to file disability for the plethora of conditions I was trying to live with when I ended up in the hospital. The hospital took me off the Vicodin, weaned me for 10 days (which I suffered withdraw through and had no idea I was an addict) from the Vicodin. They gave me 1 valium a day, I lost 8 pounds in 5 days and felt like death warmed over. Then a month later I began to have fewer migraines. I went from 24+ a month to 3 the next month, then 4, 2 and 7 so far this month but I think that's because it's Spring and the weather flares up the arthritis in my neck and triggers migraines. Anyway, rebound headaches were the diagnosis for the large number I was having for such a long time. I can bear the pain of my other issues so much better with out a Migraine almost every day, but I really wish that the USA would approve cannabis as a medical treatment and believe the physical proof that it helps me to feel better and heal. I'll be moving my pain out of this state in 2 years and retiring in peace, unless the laws change. Hopefully my family will be able to afford to visit..

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