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Rolling with Migraines

I had my first Migraine at 12 years old…it’s scared the heck out of me. I thought I was going to die. I didn’t get my next one until I was fifteen and then shortly after that I turned 16 had another one and then had my first period the next day…between the head pain and then the new menstrual pain I was having I was starting to think my body was allergic to it’s self. Back then treatment was not common and aspirin tore up my stomach for which I now know was also harboring IBS…

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Since my parents were doing there best to find a solution and I knew how much my pain concerned them, I was over-joyed when I realized one evening while hanging out with my friends that marijuana eased my pain. So I told them I had started smoking cigarettes and they relaxed me and made me feel better. So being the sweet old fashioned people they were, even though they didn’t like me smoking, I was able to use that as an excuse to go and take a few hits between a Newport. When they saw I was feeling better, they didn’t get on me so much about the cigarettes. Now I know everyone is not OK with that as an option, but over the last 37 years, I still haven’t found anything better to ease my pain, soothe my stomach and help me relax than that.

Unfortunately, I now live in a state that does not allow medical use of hemp. So for several years, my doctor had me on Vicodin and also, Maxalt MLT for when one of my 2 dozen a month migraines occurred. I was just about to file disability for the plethora of conditions I was trying to live with when I ended up in the hospital. The hospital took me off the Vicodin, weaned me for 10 days (which I suffered withdraw through and had no idea I was an addict) from the Vicodin. They gave me 1 valium a day, I lost 8 pounds in 5 days and felt like death warmed over. Then a month later I began to have fewer migraines. I went from 24+ a month to 3 the next month, then 4, 2 and 7 so far this month but I think that’s because it’s Spring and the weather flares up the arthritis in my neck and triggers migraines. Anyway, rebound headaches were the diagnosis for the large number I was having for such a long time. I can bear the pain of my other issues so much better with out a Migraine almost every day, but I really wish that the USA would approve cannabis as a medical treatment and believe the physical proof that it helps me to feel better and heal. I’ll be moving my pain out of this state in 2 years and retiring in peace, unless the laws change. Hopefully my family will be able to afford to visit..

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  • Linda L. Blank
    7 years ago

    I totally agree, make weed legal, it’s a win win- money for the government and so many people wouldn’t have to act like criminals to get it.

  • Stephanie Sadler Shaw
    7 years ago


  • Ashley Redding
    7 years ago

    All very true Robin knows her stuff! Marinol also helps. Unfortunately both are illegal where I live. Both of your a huge relief.

  • Robin Melton
    7 years ago

    Weed is a great pain killer, but not all! be careful because some can bring on a migraine!

  • Robin Melton
    7 years ago

    Yes.. There is Sativa, Indica and a hydrid of both… Fortunately for me I live in a state that it is legal for me (with a chronic migraine diagnosis) to go to a dispensary and know exactly what I am getting… Before it was legal it was like a craps game for me, some weed I bought helped with pain management and appetite, and some would immediately make me sick… Much of why that was, is because people do not know how to “grow” it properly by using too many chemicals/food ect… Also, u can’t see mold very well on weed, especially if u don’t know what u are looking for and much weed on the black market is moldy which will cause a migraine FAST…. GOOD weed does NOT get rid of a migraine, or even prevent them.. I am a daily smoker, usually just at night and it helps with my overall mood, appetite and pain managment….

  • Linda Barham Nabors
    7 years ago

    Are there different kinds that can cause a migraine? I don’t understand.

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