Migraine Paranoia

I am 29 and have been suffering from migraines since the age of 6. The attacks became more frequent, culminating the year I was 11. That was the worst year.

Since then, with dietary adjustments I seem to have outgrown it to a large extent. I now get them about once a year, or maybe once in two years.

The problem is this: for months after an attack I remain paranoid that it will happen again. The slightest change in my sensory sensitivity sets this "anxiety attack" off and I find it difficult to function normally.

Does anyone else experience this? I am expecially afraid when I drive, or I am in a place where it would be difficult for someone to come and fetch me. Being in constant fear of being completely debilitated at any given moment is a terrible thing.

This condition continues until I get used to not having any attacks for a few months. I had my last attack in August 2012, and I am still paranoid every single moment of every day.

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