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I am 22 years old and I've had migraine for years. The reason why I joined in migraine.com is, that in Estonia, doctors and also the society don't take migraines so seriously. That is why I feel like nobody understands what I'm going through and nobody nor nothing could help me.
I remember that during the basic school I had headaches quite a lot but nothing so serious. But it all started when I went to high-school. Many could say that the reason for migraine to come is stress because you have a lot to do during the high-school. But I was a really happy girl, grades were fine, I did workout almost every day and I ate well. I am quite sure that my migraine started because of genetics since my mom has the same problem.
When I really felt that it affects my life badly, I went to a doctor. She sent me to brain MRT and to neurologist. The result was that they didn't see anything during the MRT, so I have a migraine. I know it is terrible to say but I even felt sad because there wasn't something else in the brain. Why? Well because if there was, then maybe there would be a higher probability that it is curable. Or at least there would be something to do and try. But when it comes to migraine.. so far I feel that nothing helps.
I have gone to my doctor many times and said that it has gone worse. I can't go to school or work or do anything because I'm in pain all the time. I said that please, write a receipt for the most efficient painkiller there is because I can't live like that. But her answer is all the time the same: I don't know anymore what medicine to give to you because you've tried almost all of them and nothing helps.
And that's the way it is. She has nothing else to give to me because all the medicines I've tried, haven't helped. What should I do now?
My migraines are sometimes for 5 days a row. You can imagine what kind of despair I'm in during that time. It is a usual thing that I eat almost a whole box of painkillers a day in hope that the pain will go away. But it won't. Since I've had many different medicines and painkillers, my kidneys are very weak and hurt all the time. From the beginning of that year, I haven't taken any painkillers anymore, except the one that is water-soluble. I let my body to rest a bit from all the chemistry I've poured into.
In Estonia, at one point, there is a dead end when it comes to cure or relief to migraine. I have googled a lot about migraine and many have said that medical cannabis helps. But I have no access to it in Estonia. What if it really helps? Right now I just don't know anything else since I have tried all the medicines my doctor wrote me.
Please share with me, how doctors cure migraines in your country?

All the best,

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