Hundred Dollar headache

My name is Michael, my user name on is 100 dollar headache. Someone once asked me why is your name 100 dollar headache? The reason is ; the most effective meds i have used to date is the sumavel injectable needle. The cost is about one hundred dollars each, thus the name. I truely believe that my concussion history has definitly contributed to my chronic migraine headaches. My mom said i banged my head so much when i was little; my scalp looks like a road map. I have had stitches in my head at least 10 times, probably had 4 concussions in that time period as a child.

Add in this concussions from playing football in high school and jr. College and i have had about 8 concussions into my 20 s. The concussion that put me over the edge was in 2003. I was hit in my ups truck while working. The next day was the first time i ever had the aura which preceeded the wosrt head pain i ever had, causing me to vomit repeatedly. I ended up dehydrated in the er with an iv in my arm. I did not know what was wrong with me. Four days later a neurologist diagnosed me with migraine. I was getting 10 mgraines a month during this time. I have 3 medications i use for migraine; the first is sumerval injectable, this works the quickest but i only use it at home. The second is imitrex nasal, its like a nasal spray pumps and the third is zoomig sublingual tablets. The latter two are both easy to carry with you wherever you go. I also use compazine to ease nausea.

I often vomit when migraine sets in. I need darkness and im very sensitive to light and sound. I cannot function period. I can not focus my eyes, i see lines, flashes and black spots. Side effects to the medication can be bad also but is the lesser of two evils the head pain is unbearable. Sometimes the meds just knock me out. I am dizzy, nauseas and shakey. I have slept 12 hours after a migraine. I have awoken with this hangover feeling that sometimes lasts 3 days. The first symptom i am aware of is the aura, dizziness and shakey feeling, this is a cue to get my meds asap. Its a time war. Sceonds could lead to relief or 2 to 3 days of suffering. I kept a journal for 6 weeks and was able to recognize some migraine triggers. Artificial sweetners, to much caffiene, exerting myself physically, nitrates in some lunch meats, skipping meals and stress. Over time of 9 years my migraine episodes went fro 10 to 12 a month to 5 or 6. Thats about half. One migraine a month is too much, never mine 5. Migraine can set me back 15 days a month. I also bought a vibrating massager that i use on my eyes and head. This seems to help with the pain.

Migraine has contributed to me becoming deemed disabled by social security. Along with injuries i sustained in a 2003, work related, motor vehicle accident. I have had 6 surgeries to date related to that accident. I encounter pain every day associated with my neck, back and shoulder from thr injuries. The worst pain i encounter is the head pain from migraine. This is true. It knocks me down and out and i can not function. Migraine truely is debilitating and painful. People who have not encountered migraine do not understand how bad it really is. Just typing this story has brought on a headache. The moniter glare has triggered a headache and i have black spots in my vision. Night driving headlights, high beams and flashing lights also trigger headaches for me. I try to avoid these conditions. I went to a concert recently and had to keep my eyes closed because of lighting and strobe lights. I just closed them and listened. Michael; aka: 100dollarheadache.

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