Finally, relief found by cooking naturally.

I have had progressive Aura-type migraines since I was a child. Until about five years ago, I was able to avoid most migraines by just avoiding MSG and sodium nitrates. The migraines starting happening almost every day. I know this must mean there is more hidden MSG and other substances that can cause a migraine. I found that natural flavors in your food actually contain 20 % MSG!

There is also a process done to your food that causes a free glutemate. This can actually act exactly like MSG does for your trigger. I started cooking with fruit and never ever eat anything from a box unless it is pure ingredients that have not been processed. Simple pasta kept to a minimum. Brown rice is a great idea. Cooking your meats in fruit juices add the flavor I had gone without for years! When I cook pork, I cook it in pineapple juice with the pineapple on top. Chicken is great cooked in orange juice or with applesauce on top. Once I replaced the MSG laden spices and flavors, great migraine relief is finally a reality.

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