I began suffering migraines at age 12 shortly after the onset of menses. I always had a migraine the day or night before my period and, as I got older, I would have them more and more frequently.

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I spent many days rearing children and working with a migraine headache as well as passed up many social occasions due to the headaches. I tried the medications available, which were few and far between when I was younger, and tried newer ones as they came on the market none were very effective and/or had pretty awful side effects.

About ten years ago I began taking Gabapentin, prescribed by a neurologist for neuropathic pain in my hip and leg . That first tablet was the last of my migraine headaches. While not specifically recommended for migraines, for me it doesn't have any of the side effects of some of the newer migraine-recommended anti-siezure and neuropathic pain meds. Gabapentin changed the quality of my life in so many wonderful ways. I am only sorry I didn't have this kind of relief when I was a working mother with children growing up.

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