My Migraine Saga

I'm a 72yo female,and, I've suffered with migraines since I was 14yo! That first time I was totally incapacitated, and, the family doctor told me I "need to quit fighting with my brother"! That was the diagnosis for my h/a and its cure!!

Throughout my early years and into my 30's I suffered chronic migraines, very often at least one or two a month of which were incapacitating for up to 2-4days. Not an easy thing when raising children and having a husband who just didn't get them. Of course, nobody got them then.

In my early 30's I found a wonderful doctor, who provided me with the cutting edge in meds, which provided me with a considerable amount of relief. I still, however would often be down and out for the count and have postprandial symptoms.

In my 40's and 50's two things happened which diminished my headaches almost into history. First, I had a hysterectory, and second, I lived in Florida and then California, where my headaches just didn't seem to happen.

Throughout my late 50's and into early 60's this remained pretty much the case. At about 62yo, after moving back to Missouri (where I'd been raised and lived thruout my childhood into 20's); I suddenly began to have migraines again!!!

So, here I am,at72yo returned to a life of migraines.
Just had a doozey yesterday, and, since I returned here again(in March 2013), have been experiencing lowgrade constant H/A's.

Such is the life of this migraine sufferer!!

Although, I know migraines continue to be disabling for many, it is exciting to see the change in attitudes and actual migraine clinics/meds available.

Good luck to all my fellow travelers!

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