My Migraine Story

I found this website by accident and started reading, I was relieved to find other sufferers that get the same comments and suggestions on how to manage these nightmare of headaches.

I have suffered since pre teen. Was not diagnosed till I was in my 40's. Was sent to a pain management specialist who proceeded to tell me to quit work., as i had 3 part time jobs to make ends meet after a divorce. I just kind of laughed at him and said that cannot happen. So the next step was going through a barrage of preventative meds, and meds during an attack.
The migraines for me are very tiring, as they sometimes do not end, they can last for a couple of weeks, its also depressing. My migraine symptoms sometimes change, some mimicking a stroke., I do get aura's, sometimes seeing colors, squiggly lines, blurred vision. Many things can trigger them, weather changes (storms) flying in a plane., although a helicopter is not as bad., taking a drink, used to wonder why I would get a throbbing headache before finishing a drink, some foods can trigger.

I get suggestions on how to manage them from my husband, telling me I should just relax, quit being stressed out, after asking him one day to take me to the hospital for a shot for pain, he says does it hurt that bad, makes a person want to hit him with a sledge hammer and ask if it hurts. His big one is if i complain of a migraine, his head and neck hurt all the time too(must be from all the head tilting to drink beer).

I do have one medication that sometimes helps, but you are only allowed 2 in a 24 hr period, you can take one, then wait 2 hrs., 2 hrs with a migraine is an eternity. I suffer from headaches/migraines almost every day from one degree to another. The doctor I have now has tried many meds and has said there really is nothing else he can do other that try Botox, no thanks. I also find when i get bad heart burn from out of no where, there is usually a migraine to follow.

My 12 yr granddaughter started having migraines, one that was so bad, my daughter almost had to call an ambulance, she was having stroke like symptoms. They found the trigger, and has not had one in awhile. My twin sister gets a few migraines, more now that last 10 yrs than she used to. One of my aunts had them, unfortunately for her, it was a tumor.

I am glad to have found this site, I don't feel like its just me that gets the rude comments and suggestions like we don't know what to do...........

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