Struggled for 27 years and still counting.

One would think after 27 years of suffering from migraines I’d be closer to alleviating the darn things from my life. The fact is, they are getting much worse.

I will try to explain in as brief of a summary as possible. Experienced my first migraine around 13 years old, shortly after I starting having a menstrual cycle. Migraines were a hit and miss for several years until my mid 20’s when they became more frequent on a monthly basis.

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By that time the migraines would get bad enough vomiting usually came with along with them. I was 28 yrs old when I got pregnant, experiencing maybe 3 migraines during the first trimester and then was migraine free for the duration of the pregnancy. Within about 6 months after having my son, the migraines started to come back regularly. For the next ten years it was more normal for migraines to occur once a month. That is no longer the case. Now I often get migraines 2 or 3 times a month, which last 2 - 4 days at a time.

Over the years I have tried many different prescriptions. Honestly, it has been to the point that I cannot recall each one of them I’ve tried. Nothing has ever been successful in eliminating the migraines completely. I cannot begin to count accurately the number of times where I have wound up in the office of my primary care physician, neurologist or urgent care to receive shots because the Rx for migraine relief I had at home failed to work. At which time the migraine has become so intense that I am usually vomiting (dry heaves by then) and cannot stop. The individual whom has the luxury of chauffeuring me to the doctor’s office all too often gets to witness me in the passenger seat hunched over a trash bag while I silently beg for it to be quick ride.

Trying to receive medical attention for these migraines has become a bigger predicament for me lately. At almost 40 years old and for the first time ever in my life, I am without health insurance. Payments for any medical attention or medication I receive comes directly out of my pocket. Let me just add, my pockets are not very deep to begin with. I’m more than certain the stress associated with that situation is also contributing to the increase and frequency for my migraines lately.

By joining this forum I’m hoping to obtain information, strategies and ideas which may work towards alleviating the severity of my migraines. I realize trying to find solutions for migraine relief while coupled with a low-cost addendum will be challenging to say the least.

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