Migraine... SURPRISE Phase 2!

I suffered with migraines from age 15 to around age 30 (I am 58 now). They were the "turn off all the lights, no one make a sound and get me a trashcan to throw up in" type. I even had to stop my grandfather clock from "ticking" and it was in a completely different ROOM with doors closed in between. My husband had to take me to ER a few times because the pain got out of control.

I will call this Phase 1. Towards the end of this phase, I was given an RX for a medihaler that I don't even remember the name of. But it was my miracle drug. One puff at the start of a migraine and POOF it was GONE!! When the pain was gone, I felt like I could climb a mountain. I was euphoric! And then, gradually, my migraines stopped.

Or so I thought...

I've always had allergy issues and sinus problems. Most every spring, I would get a sinus infection along with sinus headaches. As time went by, my "sinus problems" extended year around. I started waking up in the middle of the night with a headache. No throwing up or light sensitivity but head pain. And this progressed to the point of not being able to sleep. So off I go to ENT because I was 100% sure I had this nagging, hidden sinus infection waaaaay back in my sinuses that antibiotics just wasn't getting to. (ha) CT scan showed no infection, no blockages. Endoscopy revealed nothing that would warrant these "sinus headaches". So off I go to my neurologist. And that's where I am now and where Phase 2 begins. I had no idea these were migraines because they are so different from what I had before. I had no idea that your nose could be stuffy with a migraine! I've just started a preventative and antidepressant. She is also suspecting hypothyroidism and possible a B12 deficiency. My lab work isn't back yet. I won't be surprised about hypothyroidism. I've suspected it for some time but my labs haven't quite been "high" enough.

I am thankful my migraines aren't as severe as they were when I was younger. And I'm glad to know WHAT I have and that I have a treatment plan!

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