I am a Migraine Survivor

Last updated: November 2012

I am a 40 year old female, having migraines for the past 14 years. My migraines began a couple of years after I started working. I have been working in the pharmaceutical sales and marketing for the past 16 years. Its quite stressful working in a Pharma company in India, where as a female, I had to work doubly hard to prove myself. Coupled with a punishing tour schedule (about 10-12 days a month) , very rich food intake on tours and lack of exercise (exercise is my major trigger) saw my weight balloon from 60 kg to 102 kg in the past 16 years. Hypothyroidism and insulin resistance also joined in about 5 years ago to make this situation more cosy : )

Over the years, I have identified my major triggers. Exercise, Stressful work day, Alcohol (Red wine especially), Less than 6 hours of sleep, Cheese, Chinese food, Change in diet and Not eating on time. My migraines have been relieved by Migranil , an ergot alkaloid which causes a stomach upset the day I take it. I tried Ayurveda, Homeopathy but to no avail. Naturopathy helped me a bit . Combination of Water therapy, Yoga , Massages and a strict Organic Vegetarian, Less spice diet. But I found it difficult to pursue a Naturopathy lifestyle along with my work.

My husband is my pillar of strength; his understanding nature has been the reason I am still working. Or else, I would have quit my job a long time ago.

Off late, I have been experimenting with Natural therapy. Magnesium (300 mg thrice a day) , Omega Fatty acid (450 mg / day) , Probiotics (1 cap ,10 billion LAB4 complex). This has reduced the intensity and frequency of attacks significantly. From 8-10 in a month, it is down to 4 in a month. The intensity also has come down along with the duration required for Migranil to provide the desired relief. I intend to pursue this course of migraine management for some time.

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