Migraine symptoms

I have had migraines for at least 45 years now. It has been difficult to see how very few really "get" what migraines are all about, generally speaking. It has been hard for me as a man to have a disease that affects women mostly.

I cannot think of a way that migraines have not impacted my life. They have affected my marriage, my ability as a dad, my relationships with church members, my work/co-workers, travel, eating, illness and pretty much everything else in-between. It is a very hard disease to live with since pain is and always has been (for me) a part of life every day.

I was wondering whether any other males have had testicular pain in combination with migraines. If so, please share your experience with me so I can know I am not alone. So many things about migraines stink and there are enough times when we each feel isolated and alone. Thanks.

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