Migraine symptoms without headache

I do not have painful headaches but so many of the other symptoms caused by migraine plague me daily. I'm new to being diagnosed with migraine. I'm 33 years old and have had a litany of tests (as it looks like everyone here has had) with normal results except for my MRIs that show "a spot typically associated with migraine".

The biggest culprit for me is 24/7 light sensitivity/photophobia and abdominal pain/nausea. Glare from natural light is blinding and my vision is totally distorted making me feel disoriented, off balance and nauseous. This means that sunny days are no longer welcome invitations to enjoying life outside which is a heartbreaking reality when wanting to play with my beautiful 4 year old daughter and 1 year old son. Hazy days seem to be particularly debilitating and when the sun is anywhere other than directly overhead in the sky I have trouble seeing much clearly.

I've seen many doctors, neurologists and optho-neurologists and they continue to ask me about stress and anxiety. Artificial light - light from the computer which I'm on regularly for work, light from the tv and flourescent lighting can also make me feel nauseous and colors always appear washed out or "blown out" - sort of like when a photograph is over-exposed. The abdominal pain and nausea has left me exhausted and under weight but I'm realizing after reading many of the posts on this site that I am very lucky. My neurologist told me that one day I will likely suffer from terrible headaches and I'm scared of what may be in the future but inspired by all of you and the endurance and faith that you hold.

Next week I have an appointment with my neurologist and we will be discussing changing my medication from 10mg of Norvask to something like Effexor XR. I've tried Effexor XR in the past and didn't like it and it didn't really do much so she is looking into alternatives. The Norvask hasn't touched any of my symptoms. I've also tried taking 500mg of Magnesium and Vitamin D each day .

I'm wondering if anyone else has suffered primarily with visual symptoms and if you've found any effective treatment? I'm starting to feel like my husband and family are tired of constantly hearing about how bad I feel and am hopeful that someone out there might have some advice.

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