Migraine Take Over

Migraine Take Over

I'm 27 years old. I've been suffering from migraines since I was around 14, however, the past 6 years have been horrible. Every morning I cringe when I open my eyes, unsure if today will be a good day or a migraine day. My days are spent on edge just waiting for the signs of an attack. If and when I make it a day without a migraine, I consider that a win. I'm 27 years old and am told that my "20's" are the best years of my life, that I'll have the most energy and time to make lifelong memories. Unfortunately for me, my 20's have been filled with weekends spent in a dark room with rags over my eyes, ice packs on my neck and a bucket by my side in case the nausea attacks. I cry. I cry a lot because this is not a life lived well. I'm unable to spend careless days in the summer under the sun with my friends. My weekends are spent in the dark. If I move, the nausea will attack. My eyes hurt, my heart hurts, I want a new brain. Friends have dwindle through the years and I can't blame them. Who wants a friend that constantly has to cancel plans because she has a migraine again. I'm unable to keep a consistent job because I have to miss so many days due to the pain. I'm 27 years old and my memories are filled with pain.

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