Help - Someone Stole My Brain!

I have been taking Zonegran (300 mg a day) for the last two years as a migraine preventative, and I must say that it has done a really good job. When I do have a break through migraine, I take Maxalt which works for me, with no side effects.

I am a 55 yr old female who has been suffering with migraines on and off since I was 18. I have tried all the usual migraine drugs on the market, acupuncture, biofeedback, got my vision and bite checked, massage, exercise, diet, sleep patterns — you name it, I will try it if means I would be migraine free.

The down side of Zonegran is that for the past two years I feel I have been in a “general state of dumbness”. I have found it hard to concentrate at times, in a fog, difficultly in word-finding and sometimes confused with a lot of details. This is not a severe problem, it more of an underlying issue that just makes me look and feel slow or dense. I know I am a smart woman, I run my own business, and I can speak intelligently, but more often now I doubt myself, ask my husband for help, and have to write EVERYTHING down. I have 3 grown daughters and have asked them if they have noticed and they all said, YES! It hasn’t caused a huge problem yet, but I want my pre Zonegran brain back! I am secretary on a Board of Directors (this just started a few months ago) and this is when I really noticed I couldn’t even remember what was said just a few words ago and I am REALLY paying attention!

So my question to the group — Is there anything that will keep the migraines at bay without losing your memory? I am anxious to wean off the Zonegran, (under a dr’s care), but scared of the on slot of migraines.

I have read from other bloggers about their memory loss and problems from Zonegran (I was on Topamax for only 6 weeks and it was far worse, I could barely remember my cell phone or computer password).

Thanks for your help!

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