My Migraine Story

I first started having headaches when I was about 12 years of age. I really thought nothing about them since the only time I had them was when I was on my period. As I got older, they seemed to come more often. I even had the headaches, migraines, through both of my pregnancies. My OB/GYN had suggested I have a hysterectomy, at the age of 27 years old. I had my surgery. The migraines had left me for about 6 months, then they returned. The migraines were taking a toll on my marriage. I was very moody, had a change in my hormones, and barely wanted to be around my husband.

I went through two marriages, and two divorces. The migraines never got any better. At one point, I was taking Migraine Excedrin (4 tabs every 6 hrs.) and that would work for a little while, then return.

I was talking to a nurse, friend of mine about my migraines and she suggested I return to my doctor and ask him about a migraine preventive. I went to the doctor and he prescribed me a drug by the name of "Amitriptyline". I was taking 2 tabs. at bedtime. They truly helped me a lot.

I met my third husband in 2007. He was retired military, a very good man. We married in 2008. Since he had Tricare insurance, we consulted our family doctor on getting help for my migraines. I had several MRI's and CAT scans taken, nothing was negative. I was then referred to a Neurologist. The doctor had ordered another MRI and a blodd test. The CBC showed that my Vitamin D level was very poor. The doctor wanted me to start out by taking a mixture of vitamins which were B12 (1,000 mg), B Complex, Women's 1 a day, and also 20,000 units of Vitamin D. Also, I was to take a Magnesium tablet and Melatonin tablet at bedtime. Remember, I was to take my Amitriptyline at bedtime, too. The Vitamin D was too, too much for me so I had to lower the dosage. If there is anyone who is taking too much of vitamin D, you will have a backache along with neck pains. To this day, I still depend on all my vitamins and bedtime meds.

I still have the migraines, but, they are only maybe one time a week now, instead of waking up with them every day. My Neurologist has me on meds that I can take at the onset of a migraine, and they are getting better.

I have learned what my triggers are. I cannot eat syrup, honey, any cheese products, chocolate, milk products, sausage, bacon, garlic products, and also I look for things that has little or no MSG in it. Since I now know what the triggers are, I have lost a total of about 15 lbs. I am so proud of myself on the weight loss. I have to look for hidden things in my foods. I am on my way to success, by being migraine free!!

Julie Walker

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