It was like having a stroke

It was thursday march 8th 2012. I was at work and started feeling that something was not right. I started seeing spots out of my right eye and couldn't focus on anything. I went home early and tried to sleep it off. When i laid down i got real naseaus and it felt like my eyeballs were gonna pop out of my head. I slept for about an hour and when i woke up my right hand up to my elbow was completly numb.

I could have chopped my hand off and not even felt it. My tongue started to tingle also. I had sent my girlfriend a text message telling her that i wasn't feeling well and was going to try to take a nap. Apparently my text i sent her was real garbbled and she couldnt understand what i was trying to say. she called me and i was trying to talk but i couldn't. I could get a few words out but it was like my brain wasn't able to process words. She insisted on calling an ambulance and i told her no, i'll be fine. Just come over to make sure i dont get worse. So i went outside to wait for her and i started hearing sirens. They were coming for me.

I was kinda upset that she called an ambulance but i'm glad she did. They did an MRI and a CAT scan and everything came up normal. They put me on the stroke floor of the hospital. i had to stay there for 3 days. I got out yesterday. The only minor side affect i can see is i was tripping over my words a little bit and even now as i type i'm making small spelling mistakes. But i think that schould go away with time.

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