Migraine is worst , yet to find cure

Hello people!! I've just gone through this website surprised to know there are other people in this world going through similar migraine problems. People around me feel its all in my head and everything is okay with me :|

So let me come to the story. I'm 20 yrs old and it's almost 4 yrs since I'm suffering with migraine. At the onset, it was just an attack once in a month and everything would be okay. With time this became once in a week...twice in a week and now its every single day. I have to literally avoid every basic thing. There are so many triggers for me!!! Chocolates, ice creams, perfumes, artificial flavors, caffeine, sugar, cheeese, butter, junk food. The moment I eat it, it goes in my head :( and the worst part is all these laptop, cellphone screens, etc give me a headache. I'm suffering with nausea and severe loss of appetite now.

So coming to the treatment part. I've gone to doctors many times, but the treatment doesn't help me. 2 years back, I took one month course and left as it would cause a lot of weaknesss and increase the migraine intensity instead of reducing it. I managed by eating headset tablet whenever there's pain, but now I feel helpless as I'm suffering with migraine and nausea every single day. Consulted doctor and he suggested topaz25mg. It's making me weaker and am feeling drowsy the whole day. There's no effect. I've also tried betablockers and valence od before..

Any suggestions...?

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