Migraines and COVID-19

I work as a CNA at a nursing home and I take care of those vulnerable to COVID-19. We have to wear masks and either face shields or goggles. Because of this, my migraines were spiking. It was easier to count the days I didn't have one in May. I was put on a steroid and then pain med taper ( can't remember the exact name) but continued with no relief. I finally gave in and said I was willing to try Botox. At first, my insurance denied me. I felt like giving up on life. My Dr resubmitted some info and I was finally approved. Had my first round June 15. The ones in the temples felt like nails. The first three days were rough but then things started getting better. Wasn't having as many and didn't have to go through so many meds. I know it really worked because as I get closer to getting my next round, which is Sept 18, I've been getting a few more and the pain in my temples is back. Kind of looking forward to treatment and not because of the ones that felt like nails going in my head.

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