Migraines and Gluten

I would very much like to share my story re: migraines and gluten in case I can help others. I read about a study reported in 2001 where patients were put on a gluten-free diet.

One person refused the diet, 2 people found significant relief and 7 people found complete relief from migraines.

I started to pay attention to gluten as trigger and definitely saw a connection. It wasn't until relatively recently that I found just how strict I have to be to avoid gluten-associated migraines.

Now I never knowingly eat any gluten, including the small amount of flour that might be used in my mother's slow-cooker beef dish. This has made a tremendous difference. I had a 20-year history of migraines, with the worst months totalling 14 headache-days per month. Last month I had 3 migraines, one of which was a gluten trip-up (I ate a small amount of couscous in a salad).

There has been a lot of research regarding this topic done in the last 10 years or so. It is critical to be strict in order to really gain the benefit. No, I am not celiac positive but have non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

I used to spend so much time looking at every food trigger but the most ubiquitous one - gluten.

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