Migraines came back with a bang in my 60's

I had my first migraine at 23 yrs. They were even diagnosed then. I would suffer for 3 days unbareably. The only thing available was Excedrin. When I was in my 30's they improved and at age 40 I took part in the first Imitrex trials. A miracle! The first relief I ever experienced. I was told by a Neurologist that migraines (since officially diagnosed as a disease) would improve after menopause. It isn't the case for me. Now, having tried at lease 80% of what is out there over the years, my migraines are about the same as they were in my 20's. My whole life revolves unpredictably around them. I get Botox injections every 3 months, use Maxalt, Ibuprofen and muscle relaxants within reason and get some relief. The first 4 times I received Botox my migraines decreased by about 75%, This last time I actually had an excruciating migraine by the time I left the Dr's office that lasted 2 weeks straight and the Bototx had no effect at all. It is depressing and frustrating and hopeless at times to have lived a whole life like this when some people never even get a headache. My husband is the only person who knows what I go through and live with. No one else. At lease some one understands. I will talk to my Neurologist again, but after all I've tried, I just don't know. Believe me, I am not looking for any suggestions, just venting. Tx for letting me tell my story.

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