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Migraines came back with a bang in my 60’s

I had my first migraine at 23 yrs. They were even diagnosed then. I would suffer for 3 days unbareably. The only thing available was Excedrin. When I was in my 30’s they improved and at age 40 I took part in the first Imitrex trials. A miracle! The first relief I ever experienced. I was told by a Neurologist that migraines (since officially diagnosed as a disease) would improve after menopause. It isn’t the case for me. Now, having tried at lease 80% of what is out there over the years, my migraines are about the same as they were in my 20’s. My whole life revolves unpredictably around them. I get Botox injections every 3 months, use Maxalt, Ibuprofen and muscle relaxants within reason and get some relief. The first 4 times I received Botox my migraines decreased by about 75%, This last time I actually had an excruciating migraine by the time I left the Dr’s office that lasted 2 weeks straight and the Bototx had no effect at all. It is depressing and frustrating and hopeless at times to have lived a whole life like this when some people never even get a headache. My husband is the only person who knows what I go through and live with. No one else. At lease some one understands. I will talk to my Neurologist again, but after all I’ve tried, I just don’t know. Believe me, I am not looking for any suggestions, just venting. Tx for letting me tell my story.

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  • The Migraine Girl moderator
    5 years ago

    saffron6611 & migraine mistress,

    I am a patient advocate and not a healthcare provider, so know that what I’m about to say is just an educated guess: it sounds as if you both have migraines that are related to hormonal fluctuations. May I recommend reading Dr. Susan Hutchinson’s THE WOMAN’S GUIDE TO MANAGING MIGRAINES? It is so helpful for those of us whose migraine patterns relate strongly to hormone levels.

    Take care,
    Janet G., “The Migraine Girl”

  • migraine mistress
    5 years ago

    I so empathize w/ u :(. Mine started at 14. My Dad had them. From 14-30, they very gradually became more frequent. I spent the next 5 yrs. in & out of states of pregnancy, which was the best I have *ever* been. I’ve read similar experiences from others. Too bad the drs. cldn’t mimic pregnancy & fool the demon. (They did try diff. hormone combos but that backfired!)

    After my 3rd son was born, I began the long, torturous road to the evolution of “chronic intractable migraine.” I, too, was told & also read in the research that most women improve after menopause. I’m now 62 & mine have gotten drastically worse. I don’t know abt u, but I always think … I’m really glad I did NOT know, all those yrs ago, how long this wld go on & how bad it wld become. I’m 62 now.

    W/ the last yr & 1/2 being filled w/ long periods of being out of work, a cpl of very big scares of episodes requiring long hospitalizations & my adult children being summoned from 1/2 way across the country to quickly come in becuz I had been “unresponsive” for several days … the boys actually were afraid I wasn’t going to pull thru … how terrifying for them :(, I came out of the hospital so fed up & scared, I tapered off almost all my meds, feeling like the specialists weren’t communicating w/ ea. other but rather throwing a bunch of chemicals at me which ended up reacting w/ ea. other.

    !!! Oh!! Just as u said, unnecessarily becuz we readers understand … we get it … but still, so sorry 4 venting! This might be the 1st time I’ve written on here & the floodgates open when I start relating my experience. But I bet u can strongly relate to a lot of this.

    U wrote not long ago. I hope u’ve had some decent days. Seems that’s often abt all we can wish for. But I so wish u the best.

  • The Migraine Girl moderator
    5 years ago

    Hey there–see my comment to the original poster above. You might find it helpful! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your story.

    Take care,
    Janet G., “The Migraine Girl’

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