Migraines were under control for more than 20 years

I am a mom of seven, gave birth to three and adopted four. The oldest is 37 married with 3 sons, the middle son 35 lives on his own works hard and continuing his electrical education. The youngest we gave birth too is 32 and a walking lost mess. The adopted four starting with a 17 year old strong willed girl, then a 16 year old who is very dedicated to Honors Classes and attends Karate, There is a 13year old boy who is ADHD with defiance, there is many obstacles there and the youngest daughter is 11.

My husband is a USAF Veteran who is visually impared. So I am the Jackie of many trades, taxi, organizer, chief cook ect. Now I did attempt to get chores our of the kids still home,that is a constant reminder even when they see what needs done. It is like they will sit and see who will get to something before I get irritated. Too much stress with this balancing act. About a month ago I went to my regular Physician feeling all achey,wheepy, everything was off.

Tried over the counter with no relief,so started on prescriptions meds. Then just this past Oct 12 had a very restless night, no relief by 5 am it was unbearable and the blood pressure was out of normal for me, so 911 arrives and I am headed to local hospital to get checked out. A shot of pain reliever and sent home with detailed instructions, I got to rest for about 12 hours pain free. Then about 8 pm the oldest daughter comes home from swimming, a very strong smell of clorine and I told her get a shower and that wet stuff laundered,by 9:30 she still had not done what I said, Then by 10pm the emergency crews were called again. This time the Hospital Staff administered a migraine cocktail in an IV drip and went home about 3 am.

My Husband and our Oldest son were wonderful threw this whole MOM IS DOWN and the younger kids all very concerned and realize she did say she wasn't herself.

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