Migraines have too much control over my life!

Although the past month, they haven't been too bad, I have suffered from migraines sense I was a child. When I was 11yrs old,and I had hair to my butt, my mother took me to the Dr. about my headaches. He didn't call them migraines, but told my mother to cut my hair off. He said that must be the problem since a CT scan didn't show anything. So she did, and it did made them better, but didn't take them all away.
Over the yrs. I've had them off and on till about 4 yrs. ago I started getting them more often, and they were a lot more intense. I was having problems with my back at the time, and was fixing to have my 2nd surgery on it. While at 1 of my Dr. visits, he noticed I had a nerve pinched in my neck while he was doing my reflexes. He said that would have to be checked out before he could do my surgery. So he done an MRI and found I had arthritis in my neck, but it was ok to go ahead with the surgery.

But since my surgery on June, 9 2009, I've noticed that my migraines have doubled in frequency, and intensity. Over the last (almost) 2 yrs. there's only been maybe a handful of weeks that I haven't had at least 1. Most of the time I average about 3 a week, with most of them being so bad all I can do is take a pill, put my blindfold or icepack on, and go to bed with the covers over my head. Sometomes all it takes is to move the wrong way and they hit instantley.

It's just so hard tring to help take care of my mom and sister, and deal with these....on top of the back pain I still have after 2 surgeries on it.....lol

I just pray that no one else is suffering with them as bad as mine are. I wouldnt wish them on my worse enemy. And I also pray that God will give those that are lucky enough to not have them, a better understanding for those who do.
Thanks for reading, and you all are in my prayers.


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