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Well, similarly to others I used to get abdominal pains in my stomach, so painful for hours until I would vomit for another 5-10 hours. Unexplained by doctors... so I had that for about 2 years then I figured from a diary I should stop eating chocolate and cheese as those were the triggers. And bear in mind this I suffered every month for years.

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Come 18, I start university two and a half years ago. I got a boyfriend who I am still with, however I started having the injection and I think thats when the migraines started. Before I always had headaches but never like this. I started getting medication to treat it when I had an attack but in 2011 it was the worst year. I was having them every few weeks and It disrupted my life, any work experience I got employers wouldnt really fully empathise with my situation and no one i know really understands how painful it is.

So, from 2010 I had the implant in, and I can only deduce that by taking it out (next week) that its long overdue to test run it, since now my boyfriend is in china and i am not seeing him till april. Most doctors I mentioned it to say that progesterone in the implant shouldn't cause migraines but my friends say it all makes sense. I am fed up of not knowing what it is. I know for a fact i am allergic to wine and champagne as I suffer TERRIBLE attacks and I vomit for hours. Now i am almost graduating what am i going to do and how am i to approach life with a bad tolerance for illness and in such a bad state of the economy i am not going to get a job.

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